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To many people, the use of calculators in elementary-level math should be strictly prohibited. And they have a point: being dependent on a calculator to work out a basic math operation can hinder a student's learning experience and rob them of crucial skills. However, the moderate use of calculators can have some benefits, especially since we live in a technology-inclined world. For a few tips on how you can strike a balance with your child's calculator use, continue reading.

How to Teach Your Child to Use a Calculator

  1. Before anything else happens, your child should have a firm understanding of basic math and operations. It may even be a good idea to wait to introduce calculators until after they have already started working on long divisions and multiplications.
  2. You may also want to teach them to rely on other calculation methods, such as using a pencil and paper. This way, they won't be forced to use a calculator, since they'll know how to complete basic math operations on their own.
  3. Sometimes, simply talking to a child can help them understand the consequences of their actions. For that reason, have a discussion with yours in which you help them realize that they won't always have a calculator to do math (e.g. in certain admission tests or in college).
  4. The calculator your child uses can determine the kind of relationship they have with it. To avoid intimidating them, use a standard calculator (not a scientific one). Moreover, teach them to use it effectively (e.g. what each button does), so they can do so if needed.
  5. Finally, you should speak to your child about when they can and can't use it. By setting boundaries, you'll keep them from becoming dependent on it. For example, they could use it to double check their homework, but only after they've worked out the answers on their own first.

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