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Parent Contribution and the Benefits of Tutoring in Navarre

The information and feedback parents provide the tutor are just as important as the expectations that they bring. In tutoring, as in many helping professions, the coin of the realm is information. The ability of a tutor to succeed with a child depends on the information that parents provide about the child’s school habits, vitally so if the child is embarrassed, reluctant or unable to articulate them. The more comprehensive parents are in providing tutors with information, the more swiftly they will be effective. Parents should communicate anything they know about their child’s study habits and work product to help their child maximize the Benefits of Tutoring in Navarre, as well as professional advice from counselors and teachers. They should note to the tutor when family events, extracurricular activities or health issues affect the student because it influences the kinds of demands a tutor should place on the student in any given session.

An Active Parent Leads to a Successful Child

There are distinct ways in which the active contributions of parents can maximize or undermine the success of tutoring in Navarre. The most common problem is over-involvement in the work a student is doing with a tutor. While the student tries to follow instructions that ultimately will improve the student’s ability to write an essay, the parents cannot tolerate the sight of a misshaped paragraph or a confused argument. Don't jump in and fix everything. As a result, rather than learning from tutoring, the child learns to expect you as the parent will intervene when the going gets tough. In effect, the child maintains a dependence on you and doesn't experience their personal growth and independence the added esteem and benefits tutoring provides.

Tutoring in Navarre

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