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How to Turn Monopoly Into a Fun Learning Game

If you and your family love to play board games then it can often be difficult to find games which can also help your youngster learn along with enjoying the activity. And while there isn’t much that you can do to boost the imagination of board game companies, there are ways you can make small changes to the classic games you enjoy to make them learning focused. Below are some great tips from The Tutoring Center, Navarre FL to help you do just that! What you will need:
  • A regular (or themed) Monopoly board
  • Small post-it notes or pieces of scrap paper and tape
What to do: Once you have your board set up on the table, here are the changes to make:
  • Using the post-its or scrap paper, change the price of the properties on the board to unfamiliar number sets. For example, change the price of a property from $350 to $346, and similar.
  • Once you have done this, do the same for the rent payable on the back of the card, making small adjustments to create uneven numbers.
  • Create a rule which allows the person who lands on ‘Free Parking’ 10 seconds to count all of the money and calculate a predetermined percentage of the total. If they can calculate this in the time then they get a bonus!
Now that the game is set, it’s time to make your youngster ‘The Banker’ and place them in charge of all the game’s financial transactions. While it may take a short while for them to get into a rhythm, you will quickly find that your youngster begins to quicken the pace they can calculate calculations with unfamiliar and uneven numbers.

Tutoring in Navarre Can Address Learning Challenges

In addition to being a great way to help your child learn basic math while enjoying a game with their family, it’s also a good tool for parents to use to identify any learning challenges their youngster may be facing. If you notice that your child struggles with certain multiplication sets or with their basic understanding of addition and subtraction, tutoring in Navarre can help. Speak with The Tutoring Center, Navarre FL today at 850-939-5384 to book your free initial consultation and learn more about the benefits of tutoring in Navarre.


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