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Does your child struggle to pronounce certain words and sounds? Learning to pronounce sounds is a crucial part of every child's language skills development. When children struggle with pronunciation, it's vital to give them proper assistance to ensure they don't have language challenges down the road. Learn some tips on how to help your child with their pronunciation by reading this article by The Tutoring Center, Navarre, FL.

Play a Guessing Game

Good pronunciation is all about placing our mouth in the right position. One fun way to get your child to become conscious of mouth placement is to play a word-guessing game. Whisper words to your child while standing far away; this will make them have to pay extra attention to your mouth placement.

Record Your Child's Voice

A great way to help your child understand the errors they make while pronunciation is to record their voice. Replay the recording to them and have them self-correct themselves. As they improve, their confidence levels will improve, and they will begin to feel excited about the process.


Reinforcement and repetition are crucial when learning a new ability or improving a skill. Therefore, make sure to practice with your child on a daily basis.

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