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Good time management is a great skill to have. It can make you more efficient, help you to achieve more, and it can also help you avoid all the stress and anxiety associated with approaching deadlines and a heavy workload. The same is true for your child; if they can manage their time well, they will have a much easier and more productive time at school and studying at home. For you and your child’s joint benefit, The Tutoring Center is happy to present these time management tips.

Create a rough plan

It’s easier to work towards a goal if you set yourself smaller goals along the way. They let you know that you’re on the right track and it can be very rewarding to know you’re making progress. Draw up a quick to-do list before tackling a project to plan out how you’re going to approach it. 

Get started!

No project starts itself. It’s a good idea to plan out what you’d like to achieve, but it’s also very important to get stuck in. You will almost always find that there are little problems or other things you didn’t plan for, and you simply can’t foresee every eventuality. It’s better to start with a rough draft and work through problems as they arise than worry for too long about an exhaustive plan.

Break your work into blocks

Nobody can work or study effectively for an entire day without a break. If you force yourself to work for too long it’s likely that the quality of your work will suffer. Make sure to take regular breaks to stretch, grab a snack or a drink, and to give yourself a bit of mental room to breathe. A good rule of thumb is to take a ten-minute break after each 50-minute block of work.

Review your methods

Possibly the most important element of being a good student or worker is being critical of the way in which you work. Regularly (perhaps at the end of each week) stop and take a moment to think about how effective your study methods have been proving. Perhaps you find yourself getting restless before each 50-minute block is over and could benefit from taking two five-minute breaks each hour rather than one ten-minute one. Tailoring your methods to suit you will help you to constantly improve as a worker and achieve even more.

For more advice on helping you and your child stay organized, be sure to read our guide. If it’s still proving difficult for your child to stay on top of their studies, The Tutoring Center offer a Study Skills Enrichment Program that will help your child arm themselves with the tools they need to excel in school. We can also provide expert help in any academic area, including reading, math and grammar. Call 850-939-5384 to organize tutoring in Navarre.


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