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Effective note taking is one of the most valuable abilities you can have as a student, since your notes help you study and prepare for your tests. Still, this can be easier said than done, which is why in this post, The Tutoring Center in Navarre will share a few tips you can follow to take good notes in school.

How to Take Good Notes

  1. The first step in taking good notes is to be organized with your notebooks! Make sure you have one for each subject so you can keep your notes separated and organized. Likewise, add a date and title to every page so your notes are easier to track down.
  2. Keep your notes clean, free of doodles, dirt and mistakes. You may not think too much of this, but a messy notebook can be very distracting when you have to focus on studying for a test.
  3. Make sure you’ll be able to understand your notes by writing in your best penmanship and formulating comprehensible sentences. Your notes will be no good if you have to decode them as you study.
  4. It is very important to have a strategy for taking notes. For example, you can create a few abbreviations for words so you don’t have to waste time spelling them out completely.
  5. Tied up to the point above, don’t try to write down every word the teacher speaks since you will fall behind. Instead, focus on taking the information and writing concise notes about it.
  6. Dates, names, definitions and important concepts should be able to stand out in your notes. Use highlighters, colored pens, or even sticky notes to accentuate the important information.
  7. Once you’re done taking notes, make it a point to review and go over what you wrote to make sure everything is comprehensible. If you missed something, ask your teacher or peers so you can complete your notes.

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