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With finals coming up soon, you have probably already started to study in order to get good grades. However, if during your study sessions, you're using a highlighter, you should read the post below to learn how you can take full advantage of it.

How to Study with a Highlighter

Don't Rely On Them

A mistake some students make is thinking that simply highlighting their textbooks will help them learn. However, this isn't an effective study method. You should use highlighters as a complement to other study methods, such as taking notes, to learn successfully.

Have Highlighters in Different Colors

The yellow highlighter is a classic, but if you want to make your study sessions with highlighters more effective, you should use different colors. Employing a different color for each specific type of information (e.g. green for dates) can make the recollection of it easier.

Only Highlight With Them

It can be tempting to doodle or take notes with your highlighters. However, that can actually interfere with your learning process, since the highlighter on the margins will strip your attention away from the important information, so avoid it.

Highlight Carefully

Lastly, you should highlight carefully. This means that you should avoid highlighting everything you see, as the overuse of highlighter will make nothing stand out. To that end, only start highlighting after the second or third read; once you've had a chance to assimilate the information and figure out what's relevant.

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