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 It’s no secret that having a study space at home sets the right frame of mind to carry out academic assignments. However, most students neglect this important detail, plus poor learning habits can lead to procrastination and other ineffective study habits. For this reason at The Tutoring Center in Navarre, we created the following post containing useful advice on this topic.

Find a Space

Your children should find a place in your home to study and claim it, and make sure to provide it with all the school supplies they need. It’s recommended that the place they choose has plenty of natural light and check that the noise level is acceptable. 


Keep in mind that your children should associate this place with work, so the furniture you choose should keep them in the right position to avoid injuries and falling asleep. The room temperature also plays an important role in keeping your children alert, so don’t forget to set it to 65-67 degrees. 

Staying Focused

Having a study goal and before every session will help your children to concentrate. Remember that you can start by scheduling short study periods and gradually increase their length. Also, don’t forget to include rest period, praise their effort and adequate rewards are recommended after achieving a particular goal. 

Solid study habits are a big step towards academic success, so don’t forget about these simple ideas. Remember that a good night’s sleep is crucial to make your children’s study sessions more effective and provide them with the energy they need, so be sure to read this previous post on this important topic. 

At The Tutoring Center, we can help boosting your children’s skills in every academic area to enhance their confidence. Consider us next time you are looking for tutoring in Navarre. Call 850-939-5384 to learn more about our exclusive programs or schedule a free consultation.   


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