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Learning to read is an exciting time for parents and young learners. It can also be very frustrating and long. Reading is a necessary life skill however, so no matter how difficult it may be, every child needs to learn. To help your struggling child or just make the entire process smoother in general, one-to-one instruction is the key. For specially designed reading help and private tutoring in Navarre, contact us today at 850-939-5384. To help your child at home, try these quick tips.

Slow and Steady

Speed is not important in the first few years a child is learning to read; it is much more important they are reading correctly and comprehending what they are reading. Go slowly at the beginning, start with the alphabet and single letters. Then focus on the sounds of each letter and some common combinations of letters, such as ‘ph’ making an ‘f’ sound. After your child has a good grasp on the sounds of the alphabet, move to words and then sentences. The general idea is for students to be reading independently by grade 3, so start early and don’t rush it. 

Read Aloud

Long before your child starts learning to read by themselves, they can still learn a lot from you reading to them. Read picture books to your children from a very early age, you can make the books even more interesting by using different voices for the various characters. When your child begins to read, take turns reading to each other. Eventually, you can have them read to you as you follow along, helping only when they need it.

Use All Your Resources

Being surrounded by books and a positive reading environment will help tremendously. Have multiple comfortable places in your home to read without any distractions. Also, you can take your kids to the library for group readings and to pick out new books. Finally, having one-to-one instruction from a professional learning center like The Tutoring Center of Navarre is incredibly useful. If you would like more information about our academic programs, call our experts today.


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