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Now that the school year is well underway, we hope that you are very pleased with your child’s progress academically speaking. However, if you are starting to see your child lacking in the area of organization, remember that organization is linked to academic success. For this reason The Tutoring Center in Navarre would like to share SIX tips with you to help your child stay organized. Though it is easier to stay organized than to reorganize, starting over is not that difficult this early in the year. 

Set Goals

As you are in the process of setting these goals, keep in mind that they can be both personal and academic in nature. It will help to write the goals down, and then brainstorm on ways you can complete them. You might even consider sharing the goals with a family member or friend who can help you to stay true to those goals, providing encouragement and liable to complete them. 


It is much easier to lose things and/or to become disorganized the more things you have. Be sure that there are no loose papers or unnecessary items overflowing your work space, locker, or backpack. Items you no longer need, store them or throw them away. The same is true for loose papers, either store them in folders to refer to later, or get rid of them. 

Create a Study Space

When it’s time to study, you should have a certain space in your home you always know you can go to, to get things done. Talk with your parents and listen to their suggestions of where this place should be. Perhaps you’ve got a desk in your bedroom, a table in the dining room or kitchen, or a space on the patio that will work great for you. Whatever space is chosen, make sure it is understood that this place should be free of clutter and distraction. You should also have a space, near your study area, where you can store your backpack and other necessary items for school the next day. Mornings will be so much better when you’re able to avoid the daily rush to find all of your materials. 

Write Things Down

You may be very well intentioned when you opt not to write down your homework with the saying “I will remember.” Remember this, when you say that, you’ve still got the possibility of forgetting. Why not save yourself the trouble, and right it down. Another option that might seem well intentioned is to take a picture with your phone. Though this will work in helping you remember the homework assignments it will also automatically provide a great distraction for you when you take it out to review. It is best that you stay away from your phone when you’re studying and/or doing homework. To keep yourself accountable, you could even put the phone in a different room, under the supervision of a parent. 

Work the Way That Works For You

You should create your homework and studying schedule based on what works best for you. If you know that there is one evening that will be particularly homework heavy, schedule breaks between tasks. Take a jog around the backyard, eat an apple, wash your face, but then get back to work. You may decide that you work best when you complete the most difficult assignments first and work your way to the easier ones as a relief. Or you could be the type of person who enjoys completing the easier tasks first, giving yourself confidence and momentum to get down to the difficult concepts. It is up to you to decide the how, but remember that academics should be prioritized above other, perhaps more entertaining, pursuits. 

There are a whole host of ways you can help your child besides helping them stay organized. Read our tips on fostering creativity in your child, for example, but also remember us at The Tutoring Center. Our expert tutors can offer assistance in any academic area, so be sure to check out the list of programs we have available on our website and give us a call today at 850-939-5384 for tutoring in Navarre.


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