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Teaching With Cleaning

Spring cleaning is everybody’s responsibility, including those at home on spring break. The Tutoring Center, Navarre has a couple of tips to share on how you can make this year’s spring cleaning educational.

Time-Management Skills

The skills which you use when preparing your cleaning list and plan can be a great benefit to your children, especially those in high school. This spring, include them in your planning process:
  • Teach them the techniques you use to remember all of your items and create your list.
  • When considering how long each task will take, share your thoughts.
  • As you prioritize the list, teach them the logic you use and the importance of the task itself.
  • When putting it all together, show them how you get the most cleaning out of the time and resources you have available.
This is a great time-management lesson and also provides a framework for students to use to help manage competing school priorities.

Basic Calculations

For a more basic lesson, your refrigerator, couch, and other large furniture items can help. This year, instead of simply sliding your large items around a few feet to accommodate your cleaning, have your student measure the items and find a suitable temporary replacement. Once they are comfortable with this, remove the step of measuring and boost their visual-spatial awareness.

Tutoring in Navarre Can Help Your Student

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