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Tips to Improve Your Child's Spelling Skills

The English language has many nuances in speech and written word. To help your child improve their spelling and vocabulary skills read on.

Memorize Words

Even though it is up to the student to make the choice and effort to memorize spelling words, parents can still help their children succeed.

Learn What a Word Means

Make your child's spelling words relevant. When teaching a new word, explain the definition and use it in a few sentences so that your child will understand its usages.

Use Flash Cards

Have students write each word on an index card with the proper definition underneath each word. Read the words to your child and have them spell each word aloud. If they are practicing spelling alone, have them write definitions on one side of the cards and words on the other so that they may quiz themselves.

Trace the Words

Another helpful tip for your child is to him or her trace over a word with a pencil or have them write the word several times on a sheet of paper. Writing words helps reinforce the proper spelling in a child's  memory bank.

Tutoring in Navarre

Spelling skills are essential to your child's academic success and future employment. For help making sure your child excels in spelling, math, reading and writing, trust The Tutoring Center of Navarre.  For more information about the best tutoring in Navarre, innovative tutoring techniques, one-to-one instruction and academic programs such as "Geniuses in Training"  call 850-939-5384 for your child's free diagnostic assessment.


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