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If you are thinking about attending college, you might know that most institutions consider applicants' SAT scores for their admission process; hence the importance of doing your best SAT prep. To learn helpful studying tips for this standardized exam, read the following post by The Tutoring Center, Navarre, FL.

How to Plan Your SAT Prep Effectively

Book a Testing Date That Works Best For You

You can find several SAT dates offered on the College Board website. When picking your testing date, think about the preparation time frame you need before taking the SAT. Ideally, you should study for three months; for instance, if you are booking your SAT date this winter, you should pick a testing day in spring; that way, you'd get enough time to study and practice.

Create a Study Schedule

The SAT contains three main segments: reading, writing and language, and math; needless to say, you should study and review the exam's content as much as possible; to that end, manage your time to keep with a weekly study schedule. For example, you can study math an hour or so every Monday and Tuesday, then schedule out Wednesdays and Thursdays to review your grammar notes, and finally, dedicate a couple of hours every weekend to build up your reading comprehension.

Take Diagnostic Tests

Another great way to prepare for the SAT is taking practice tests; doing so will help you get familiar with the types of questions and timing to answer each section. Plus, diagnostic tests can help you identify your weaknesses to overcome them and improve your test-taking skills and endurance before taking the SAT.

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