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More Than Wild Guessing

Certain students have difficulty with estimation: some who rarely faltered with straightforward calculations are perplexed when asked to estimate. Some students even calculate the answer and then work backwards to find the estimation. Why estimate when you can just calculate? Educator and participant at the Yale: New Haven Teacher Institute, Francisca Eunice G. Rebullida explains the importance of estimation skills in her article, The Power of Estimation. She describes estimation as more than just ‘wild guessing’ but actually using reasoning skills to make an educated guess.  Children are generally introduced to estimation around eight or nine years old when they learn to round numbers to the nearest ten, hundreds, or thousands place. Children are expected to build upon these skills in the following years but unfortunately many students are “challenged with rounding and understanding compatible numbers to estimate solutions in addition, subtraction, multiplication and division problems” This limits a child’s ability to apply this important skill in the real world. We engage with massive amounts of mathematical data every day. Calculating the exact answer is usually unnecessary and very time consuming, but estimating the cost of three items from the store or how much money to set aside for gas is very important.

Estimated Cost Game

Headed to the grocery store? A great time for a math game. Before entering, explain to your family that you will be having a little contest. Simple. Guess the price. As you shop, each person keeps track of the cost and without a calculator you each have to give a guess of what you think the correct cost for the groceries with tax should be. The person closest to the exact amount, wins. The family can decide on prizes beforehand. Maybe the winner gets to choose a healthy treat for the family.

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