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Tips to Help Students Ace Their Exams

Despite how much students dislike sitting exams, the reality is that the effort they put in and the grades they achieve can determine their future academic and career opportunities. Below is a post from The Tutoring Center, Navarre FL with tips on preparing for an exam.

Start with a Plan

The best place to start is with a plan, which begins as soon as any student becomes aware they have an exam by writing the exam details in a calendar or organizer. The next step is to think about the type of study needed to prepare for the exam, such as nightly study sessions, visits to the library, time to research, etc. Once you have a good idea about the type of preparation you need to do, work back through the calendar a few weeks from the exam due date and plan out your study sessions. This technique not only prevents students from forgetting about upcoming exams but provides reminders as the date approaches, along with pre-planned study sessions.

Tools and Resources

Some exams require a range of learning tools such as protractors or scientific calculators while others allow students to take a short page of notes into the exam. Whichever it is, be sure that you have all of the tools needed and, if available, have prepared some information to take with you. Do this one week prior to the exam, so that you have sufficient time to get anything you don’t have. If you are unsure which items are required or permitted, speak with a teacher or consult the exam information packet.

Points Based Questions

If the exam attributes a range of points to each question, then instead of progressing through the exam as it is set out, take a look through and identify any sections or questions which you are confident you can correctly answer quickly. This method can benefit students who spent their time studying but were unable to complete the entire exam, with the sections they studied most for not appearing until later in the exam.


The last thing which anybody should do before submitting an exam is to review the answers provided. Even if this means that you won’t be in a position to complete the entire exam. The reason this step is so important is that it takes little more than a slip of a tired or fast-writing wrist to cause an incorrect letter or number to be written for the answer to be marked as incorrect. This can potentially be the difference between a pass and a fail or an A and an A +.

Tutoring in Navarre Can Help

If your student struggles with their exams or they have come up against a learning challenge they are not able to overcome, tutoring in Navarre can help. Book your free initial diagnostic assessment at The Tutoring Center, Navarre FL by calling 850-939-5384 to find out how tutoring in Navarre can help your child improve their grades and reach their academic potential.


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