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If you're searching for activities to keep your child busy and learning during their summer break, taking them to the zoo can be a great option. Still, if you want your visit to go over smoothly, and to be fun and enriching, follow the tips below. 

How to Take Your Child to the Zoo this...

With your child out of school during summer break, they'll have a lot of time on their hands to play, rest, and have fun. However, you should ensure that they spend some of that time learning! For a few ideas on summer activities they can do, refer to the post below.

How to Keep Your Child Busy...

If your child requires assistance to learn math effectively, helping them practice often can be a great way to ensure they'll develop those skills.  If you want to provide your child with more practice opportunities, make use of the ideas mentioned below.

How to Provide Your Child with Math...

While grammar is essential for effective communication, it can be a difficult set of skills to master. If your child requires assistance in this respect, use the following tips to help them out.

How to Help Your Child with Grammar

Help Them Fall in Love with Reading and Writing

Two of the best...

More Than Wild Guessing

Certain students have difficulty with estimation: some who rarely faltered with straightforward calculations are perplexed when asked to estimate. Some students even calculate the answer and then work backwards to find the estimation. Why estimate when you can just...

Parent Contribution and the Benefits of Tutoring in Navarre

The information and feedback parents provide the tutor are just as important as the expectations that they bring. In tutoring, as in many helping professions, the coin of the realm is information. The ability of a tutor to succeed with...

Tips to Improve Your Child's Spelling Skills

The English language has many nuances in speech and written word. To help your child improve their spelling and vocabulary skills read on.

Memorize Words

Even though it is up to the student to make the choice and effort to memorize spelling words,...

Help Your Child Develop Early Math Skills

Sorting objects by shape, color, size, counting to ten, recognizing groups and patterns are all ways you can help your preschooler master early math skills. Show your child, math is part of everyday life, and they will be eager to learn more.


If you want your child to use their imagination, increase their knowledge on different subjects, expand their vocabulary, and practice their reading comprehension, spelling, and grammar during their summer break, encourage them to read. It is one of the best activities that they can engage in to...
Most students anxiously look to forward to summer vacation and the break they get from school. While the summer is a good time to relax and have fun, there is no reason why the learning should stop as well. Avoiding the summer “brain drain” or summer learning loss doesn’t have to be difficult and...


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