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If you want your child to use their imagination, increase their knowledge on different subjects, expand their vocabulary, and practice their reading comprehension, spelling, and grammar during their summer break, encourage them to read. It is one of the best activities that they can engage in to pass the time productively over the break. If you want to learn a few tips on how you can motivate them to read, you can put the ones below to good use.

How to Motivate Your Child to Read

Give Them a Choice

Your child will probably feel more inclined to start reading regularly if they have reading material that speaks to their likes, interests, reading level, and age.

Set the Right Example

Your child looks up to you. Moreover, they form their own behavior according to yours. This is why, if you want them to be avid readers, you should be one too.

Read Along With Them

Reading doesn't have to be an individual activity, you can read along with your child and have a nice bonding experience. Plus, this will allow you to share your opinions and make reading more enriching .

Visit the Library

To a child, the library can be an inspiring place since it's a whole building dedicated entirely to stories, information, and books. Visiting one can make your child feel more eager to read.

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