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Having an organized notebook can help you study better, keep your ideas in order, and be a more successful student overall. Still, to have an organized notebook, you need to make an effort. To find out what that entails, continue reading.

How to Have an Organized Notebook

Separate Your Subjects

If you want to have organized notebooks, you need to have one of them for each of your subjects. This way, you won't waste time looking for the right notes when you should be studying.

Put Your Name On It

What good is an organized notebook if it gets lost? To ensure your notebooks make it back to you if you misplace them, put your name and grade on them.

Write a Date and Title

Efficiency is key when you're studying. In order to track down your notes faster, write the date and a title on each page in your notebook.

Be Clear

Keeping an organized notebook also applies to your ideas and how you write your notes. Be clear when you're taking notes so you can avoid confusion when you study.

Avoid Loose Papers

Ripping pages off your notebooks or keeping loose papers in them are surefire ways to lose them. For that reason, avoid loose papers. Instead, use your folders to save what needs saving.

Keep It Clean

Dirty notebooks filled with doodles and mistakes can make your study sessions harder. That's why you should try to keep your notebooks as clean as possible.

Create an Index

Finally, if you want to go the extra mile, create indexes for your notebooks. Simply number each page in the notebook and write what lesson is on what page on the back of it.

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