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Encouraging your child to keep a journal is a great way for him or her to get some grammar practice, not to mention it provides a place where your child can express feelings openly. Helping your child make a habit of writing things down can, in the long run, makes him or her a better writer and more able to express feelings and emotions with ease. There are several ways you can help your child get excited about starting a journal, and The Tutoring Center in Navarre would like to share some of those with you today. 

A Few Steps to Begin With

Remember that journal writing should not be considered a chore for your child. Try to get him or her interested in the idea in a creative way. Take your child to a bookstore and allow him or her to pick out a journal that they like. At least for a while, the novelty of a new item will help your child get excited about the process. Remind your child that this journal is not for you, but for them, and that you do not plan on reading it or making what is put in there your business. Unless there are extenuating circumstances, you should do your best to honor what you say here. 


As your child is expressing him or herself more regularly you can expect that his or her written communication skills will improve. In a world where we use text speak and emoticons to express ourselves, we could all do with a bit more of actual writing. Your child will be given the opportunity to explore the depths of his or her imagination. Through this writing medium your child may discover that he or she is good at and enjoys writing poetry or songs. 

Your child may discover a love for writing fiction stories or memoirs about life. 

Some Helpful Ideas

You can help your child establish when and where is the best time to write. Tell your child that when he or she is feeling emotional, that’s a good sign that something should be written down. You want your child to record how he or she feels. 

You can also help by providing a space where your child can go to write, undisturbed. 

Lastly, you should make sure that your child knows what to write about. If he or she is in need of assistance you can provide your child with writing prompts for a few days. After that you can expect your child will get the hang of it and be able to think of writing activities on his or her own. 

Your child should be balancing the fun of journaling and academic activities. For some advice concerning time management, check out some of our tips here

Once your child has begun to journal more regularly, you may find that he or she has a knack for writing and literature, while perhaps faltering in another subject area. Remember that the tutoring staff at The Tutoring Center is ready to help your child with any area of need. For a free diagnostic assessment and for tutoring in Navarre, be sure to contact us at 850-939-5384.


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