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At The Tutoring Center in Navarre, FL, we understand how extremely important it is that your child gets enough rest. Sleep is just as important as food or drink in the lives of our children. This is an obvious fact; however, many children do not get the critical sleep they need to develop and function properly. Here is some information on how sleep or lack of it affects your child.

Think of the Consequences

We don't keep our children awake on purpose, in fact, we don't think much of it, and that is the problem. Tired parents working long hours, schedules packed with school and after-school activities, naps are missed, bedtimes are pushed back, mornings begin earlier and nights end later. It all adds up, with consequences that could last a lifetime.

Sleep is a Power Source

Sleep recharges the brain's battery every night and at every nap. Just as weight lifting builds stronger muscles, sleeping well increases brain power. Getting enough sleep increases your child's attention span and allows him to be relaxed and mentally alert at the same time. 

Optimal Alertness

Children experience various degrees of being awake, from groggy to alert to hyper-alert. Being optimally alert is the state in which children are most receptive, when they have the greatest attention span and can learn the most. You can observe this in a child who is calm, attentive, pleasant, absorbing everything, one who socially interacts with ease. Altered states of alertness interfere with behavior and learning.

Length and Quality of Sleep

The right amount of sleep for your child varies by age. Quality sleep is interrupted and smoothly moves your child through the different stages of light and deep or REM sleep. The quality of sleep is as important as quantity. It is an essential role in nervous system development.

Tutoring in Navarre, Florida

With daily attention to your child’s sleep patterns, you will most likely have a happier, self-assured, less demanding, and more sociable child. And you just might get some sleep yourself. Once your child is well rested and needs a little extra academic support, contact our professional staff at The Tutoring Center for tutoring in Navarre, Florida at 850-939-5384.


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