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Memorizing capital cities, historical dates, or mathematical formulas can be challenging for most students. Luckily, there are plenty of mnemonic devices that assist children's memory to ensure effective learning. Try the following mnemonics to aid your child's memory in learning new concepts, facts, or definitions.

Mnemonic Devices to Enhance Your Child's Memory


If your child must memorize names, or a particular succession of words, encourage them to use acronyms. For example, when learning the order of the planets within the solar system, teach them to use the acronym MVEMJSUNP; then, practice together to help them recall each planet's order.


Music is one of the most effective mnemonic devices; after all, children learn plenty of information by singing aloud. Take the "Fifty Nifty United States" song, for example, or the ABC song. On the whole, you can encourage your child to retain sequences of words or lists by simply singing the words repeatedly.


Using image mnemonics comes in handy to remember information quickly. To that end, encourage your child to associate newly learned concepts with a visual representation. For example, if they read about the classification of living organisms, drawing each group (animals, plants, fungi, monera, and protist) will help them recall their characteristics effectively.

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