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Did you know that 1/3rd of parents have not discussed internet safety with their child? Well, today is as good of a day as any to start a dialogue with your child about how to keep safe when using social media. Everybody knows that using real information on social media can be dangerous for young people, but here is one big mistake many teens and tweens make that you should warn your children to watch out for.

Giving out Personal Information

First and most importantly, make sure your child knows not to give out any type of personal information to someone who they don't know personally online. This includes addresses, phone numbers, schedules, and school information. Tell your child never to add someone to their social network who they have not met in real life and not to enter into communications with people who they have not met in real life. Here are a couple more things that most people don't think about when it comes to internet safety.


Even if your child is not giving out their personal information, stalkers and online predators can still use geotag information to find out where your child is. Make sure that all geotagging settings are set to off for all of your child's social media apps.

Using Different Passwords

Make sure your children know to use different passwords for all their different social media apps, because if a hacker can figure out one password, then they can access all of your child's social media. Make sure your child uses a strong, good password for each and every social media account that they have. While internet safety is important, if your child doesn't know how to spell properly, people on the internet won't understand what they're trying to say, check out these spelling tips to help your child improve their spelling.

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