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Most students anxiously look to forward to summer vacation and the break they get from school. While the summer is a good time to relax and have fun, there is no reason why the learning should stop as well. Avoiding the summer “brain drain” or summer learning loss doesn’t have to be difficult and it has great benefits for your child. The Tutoring Center of Navarre has some reasons why you should make sure your child continues learning through the summer.


When the new school year starts up, a lot of students have trouble remembering their lessons from the previous year. Teachers must then spend about four weeks reteaching material your child should already know. Having your child continue learning over the summer through educational activities or summer tutoring can help ensure they will retain the information they learned over the school year. Lessons can be reinforced so information is really learned and not just memorized. Your child doesn’t have to spend the majority of their summer inside studying, just make sure they spend enough time learning and incorporate lessons into their fun summer activities.


Every child has some areas in school that they can improve on. The summer is a great time to focus on the areas your child struggled with over the school year. Oftentimes, the school year doesn’t provide enough time to ensure that every lesson is learned and conquered. Check with your child’s teacher to see what areas your child could use more practice on. Spending extra time on difficult subjects and mastering them will help your child return to school more confident in their abilities and with a better grasp of the subject.


Making sure your child doesn’t lose the routine of learning and studying is essential in ensuring their transition back to school in the fall is smooth. Keeping your child in the habit of doing assignments and having deadlines will ensure they don’t lose the habit of doing homework and classwork. Help your child not only retain but also improve their study habits through practice over the summer. Your child will be a lot more ready to be back in school once the summer months come to an end.

The Tutoring Center in Navarre helps students improve their grades by developing the skills necessary to grow in an academic environment. The one-on-one tutoring sessions make it easier to target specific areas your child needs help with. We offer multiple programs focused in reading, writing, math and test preparation. Contact us at (850) 939- 5384 for more information about our academic programs or to schedule your free consultation.


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