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Adding is a basic math operation everyone should know how to do effectively (even if all cell phones have a calculator now). If you have a child and would like to introduce them to it, follow the tips below to have a successful attempt.

How to Teach a Child to Add

  1. To learn anything effectively, you first need to know the basics: what you'll be learning, what it's for, how it's used, and more. Once your child has a clear grasp on that, make sure they're familiar with numbers and counting before moving to additions.
  2. Skip counting is a method that can help your child become more comfortable with the concept of adding. By asking them to count in 2s or 3s, they'll be inadvertently using this basic math operation without feeling overwhelmed.
  3. Another approach you can take is offering your child actual objects they can count. For instance, have them count how many pencils are on the desk. Then, add a few more to the bunch and tell them to count again. This will give them a more practical understanding of additions.
  4. Finally, ensure they practice often. Have them complete practice sheets, add a small bill, among other similar activities that will help them get better. As they do, keep them from using their fingers or the calculator to add.

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