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If your child can't see well, it's probable they won't perform as well as they could in their academics, and in every other area of their life. If you want to know if your child needs corrective lenses, you can follow the tips mentioned below. Just remember to take them to a certified ophthalmologist to get professionally tested.

How to Know if Your Child Needs Corrective Lenses

They Squint Regularly

If your child has blurry vision, it's highly likely that they will squint . For that reason, you should pay attention to your child and notice if they partially close their eyes to see clearly, especially when reading.

They Have Sensitive Eyes

If your child makes a great effort to compensate for poor eyesight, they will strain them, and end up with tired, sensitive, watery, red eyes. If that's the case, have their vision checked.

They Have Strong Headaches

Blurry vision and the exhaustive job of correcting that issue may result in strong, constant headaches and even migraines. If your child complains of headaches regularly, they may need lenses.

They Behave Unusually

Having poor eyesight may affect the way your child behaves. Being unable to understand what they read, closing one eye to see better, or sitting too close to the TV, may be signs of bad vision.

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