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Summer doesn’t mean the end of learning and the vanishing of all year’s progress. Having some educational activities this break can prevent summer leaning loss. Tutoring in Navarre FL is only one way to help in your child’s learning, there are many free online resources you can try it out together. The Tutoring Center, Navarre FL has enlisted a few of them for you.

To strengthen Vocabulary skills, which are critical to reading comprehension, head to The many interactive games on the site can help your children build and retain reading comprehension skills. There are many levels they can try according to their reading skills.

We Give Books

Sometimes you want your children to get into reading, but taking them to a bookstore or a library just isn’t possible. An online free library is a wonderful reading tool. We Give Books has new books added monthly, some of them are great to read together or some are good for independent readers. The books that are read online are later donated to charity to support the site’s literacy efforts.


Teachers can even get involved in this process to track their students’ summer progress. Sumdog is an interactive gaming site that helps children work on their math, reading and writing skills.

MAP Math

MAP Math is a site dedicate to older students who need to practice algebra, geometry, and data analysis. There are many games and challenges in every math area.

For Summer Tutoring in Navarre FL

Don’t let learning stop this summer. Involve technology and schoolwork to keep your children busy.  Remember that tutoring in Navarre FL is also a great way to continue this ongoing learning process. Call The Tutoring Center, Navarre FL to know more about their Reading, Math and Writing programs at: 850-939-5384.


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