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Thinking that you "can't do" something is an easy way to ensure you won't achieve what you set your mind to. That's why it is important to develop a "can do" attitude in your child, so they won't be stopped by their own thoughts on their way to reaching their goals. For a few tips on the matter,...
A child with unhealthy sleeping habits is one that won't learn as successfully, won't develop as effectively (both mentally and physically), and won't have the necessary energy as a child that does. To ensure your child's growth won't be thwarted due to low quality sleep, follow the tips shared...
Taking your child to a museum can be a nice bonding activity that will keep their mind awake during their summer break. For both of you to have an enriching experience, however, follow the tips mentioned below.

How to Visit a Museum with Your Child

Let Them Choose

If possible, let your child...
To many people, the use of calculators in elementary-level math should be strictly prohibited. And they have a point: being dependent on a calculator to work out a basic math operation can hinder a student's learning experience and rob them of crucial skills. However, the moderate use of...
As a student, one of your biggest responsibilities is going to school and trying your best to learn. However, if you have a challenging time with the latter due to a short attention span in the classroom, below you'll find tips on how you can improve in this area.

How to Pay Attention in Class


Writing well is not only an academic requirement, but a way to organize your thoughts, document your days, feelings and opinions, communicate with others, exercise your imagination and expression, and to create. If your child could use a bit of a push to become a better writer and reap some of...
Drawing helps children pass the time, produce artwork, and have fun. Still, drawing can have many other benefits aside from those. Below you'll find just a few of the ways your child can come out on top of their friends if you encourage their love of drawing.

How Drawing Helps Your Child


New year's resolutions are promises that you make to yourself which can help you improve as a person and have the best year possible. If you're a student wanting to enhance your academic life this year, here are a few new year's resolution ideas for you to keep.

New Year's Resolutions for Your...

While it's great that winter break is so close, you should realize that time flies by. This means that if you want to be ready to return to school successfully, you should start preparing early. For a few tips on how to ease the transition back to school after winter break, continue reading.


If your child can't see well, it's probable they won't perform as well as they could in their academics, and in every other area of their life. If you want to know if your child needs corrective lenses, you can follow the tips mentioned below. Just remember to take them to a certified...


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